Tingvoll Salmon Fishing is a family company that we started in 2004 after 3 years of planning and rebuilding the lodge. John has been fishing and hunting since he was 10 years old. He is a wildlife, hunting and fishing instructor. Double hand salmon fishing is his passion and he loves to be by the river with his guests, guiding and helping them to get a week full of memories. John is educated as a builder and teacher and has been teaching since year 2000. He has been working as a wildlife and sport-fishing teacher since 2012. Gunn Helen is also a teacher and during the three-month fishing season she works in the family company. Together we try to make Tingvoll Salmon Fishing a memorable fishing experience for all our guests. All the meals are prepared from local groceries and all the meat and fish we serve are fresh and suitable. Guests have over the years given us very good response on our work here at Tingvoll. We have many regular guests that keep coming back to us, which tells us that we must have done something right! We would like to welcome all regular and new guests to Tingvoll Salmon Fishing. Best regards and tight lines John & Gunn Helen
Full Board
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Transport to/from the airport
  • 8 hours of guiding pr. day
  • 7 rods available pr week
  • Single rooms
  • Self catering
  • Room, fishing, light guiding
  • note: tackle for hire or sale. Contact for details
    Gunn Helen
    Travel time from locations
  • Edinburgh 3 hour
  • London 3 hours
  • Amsterdam 3 hours
  • München 5 hours
  • Email
    +47 950 75 741
    Bollgardssletta 203, 7660 Vuku
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